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As a well-established tech company, Zaman Tech earned the trust of its multiple customers operating all over the world. Our team is in the right position to analyze and fully understand your needs to start delivering the best possible industry-focused IT outcomes. Our history, referring customers, and experienced employees are our guarantee of success!

Zaman Tech assists businesses across major industries, addressing complex problems with technology solutions. By using industry-specific knowledge, our expert team tailors IT tools to meet the unique needs of each customer.

+15 Years

Team Experience

97 %

Customer Satisfaction

Our Missions

We set up Zaman Tech Codes International with the vision of developing the world's highest-quality software solutions.

Throughout the years, we have tried to be a mentor, friend, specialist, and partner for our clients, and we're working hard to ensure their business succeeds, which is evident by our clients' high satisfaction rate. We've recruited the most knowledgeable, skilled, and creative professionals, and we have the following mission in mind:

  • Customer satisfaction is our priority through accurate understanding and precise implementation of requirements.
  • Client ideas are evaluated for business benefits and fruitful investment.
  • Projects are executed with professional management, modern solutions, and optimal efficiency.
  • Quality is paramount, ensuring customer satisfaction as the top priority.

We're your best option; why?

We bring solutions to make life easier for our customers.

Perfect Team

Our team comprises many experts, from software, network, and server professionals, to system analysts, project managers, and business analysts.

Innovative and Practical

The combination of young professionals' creativity and dynamic, and seasoned professionals' experience, always bring innovative and practical solutions.

Solving Complex Problems

Due to our expertise in business analysis and system analysis, we can solve complex problems.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer orientation is one of our values, and customer satisfaction is our primary mission. To date, we have achieved great success in this aim.

Our Recent Clients

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Davood Daneshmand

Chief Information Officer

Mohammad Sepehri

Chief Marketing Officer

Mortada Jafar

Chief Technology Officer

Amir Nasrollahi

Chief Executive Officer