The Discovery Phase Of a Software Project

The Discovery Phase Of a Software Project

Currently, many software projects face high risks and costs due to failure to pass the discovery phase successfully.

The discovery phase is the initial step of a software project, during which the focus is on the vision, goals, end users and their needs, scope and risks of the project. The development begins after the discovery phase.

In the discovery phase, one of the basic questions we address is whether the project concept is feasible. Following comprehensive research and data analysis, our team plans a detailed product development cycle and considers all uncertainties along the way. It is also worthwhile to study the end users in detail to identify and analyze their concerns and challenges to ensure that the implementation of this project will be efficient.

It is often the case that defects in the discovery phase of a project cause the entire project to fail, or at best, useless functions and actions are performed, which are only associated with costs and risks.

An extraordinary discovery phase requires the juxtaposition of different experts, such as solution architects, business analysts, system analysts, UX specialists, project managers, product owners, and software developers. We have brought these experts together in the Zaman Tech team.

Our technical team consists of experts who master at using the latest and the best standards and methodologies to support you throughout the discovery phase.

The Discovery Phase Of a Software Project

When the discovery phase does not succeed, what can happen?

Opaque and inaccurate processes

Defects in the discovery phase lead to opaque and inaccurate processes and estimates.

High risks and costs

Inadequate risk understanding leads to project failure. High costs and risks can arise before completion.

Lack of product vision

A clear vision and idea about the goals, the product's future, and the product's architecture will not exist.

The negative response from the market

Avoiding development problems doesn't guarantee mark​et acceptance. A poorly received product can waste time and money.

Avoid unnecessary actions

Lack of audience understanding leads to development of useless activities. Successful discovery phase prevents such events through analysis of audience needs.

Lack of scalability

Failure to consider scalability can lead to performance issues, system failures, and costly re-engineering. Plan and design with scalability in mind for long-term viability and success.

What do Zaman Tech experts do in the discovery phase?

Defining the product vision

The business analysts at Zaman Tech assist you in designing your vision with a thorough understanding of your market, industry, and needs. The prioritization of features and, of course, MVP are taken into consideration at this stage. This stage is the first cornerstone of the product development process. If this stage is not performed properly, all subsequent stages may be negatively affected.

The product architecture

You must determine the architecture of your product from the start in accordance with your product vision if you wish to create a fault-free and extensible product. Zaman Tech's technical experts have years of experience in this field and will perform this task for your product.

The product feature list

A key requirement for achieving your business goals is to identify the needs of your users and then determine the appropriate solutions for them. After that, you will get a suitable feature list.

Preparation of WBS and project estimation

We outline the breakdown structure of your project and, based on the details, prepare various evaluations for you, including estimates of cost, time, and resources.

Documentation of the risks and appropriate responses

All possibilities, risks, and potential obstacles to your project will be examined, and we will provide you with a document that properly responds to each.

Here are 4 steps to organize our business projects.

We handle project requests agilely and emphasize a crucial process for accurate understanding and effective interaction. Clear customer needs prevent problems during project implementation. Four steps that initiate projects in the Zaman Tech:


Client's project description

Initially, we get your request description. A detailed and accurate request description will allow us to proceed more quickly and accurately.


The Zaman Tech and the client meeting

It may be necessary for our analysts and you to meet one or more times depending on the type and size of the project. These meetings aim to examine and analyze your needs to the greatest extent possible.


Presenting the proposal to the client

Based on the client's requirements, we will provide the project's time and cost proposal.


Presenting the proposal to the client

Based on the client's requirements, we will provide the project's time and cost proposal.

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