Staff Augmentation

Staff Augmentation

A company may desire to expand its technical team but wish to avoid taking on the additional responsibilities associated with growing its workforce. In contrast, according to their technical team, companies can only outsource some of their work. Zaman Tech's Staff Augmentation service is the best choice in this case.

Zaman Tech team has experienced, proficient, and talented experts in all technical areas who can assist your technical team. Under the management of the Zaman Tech team, these experts are closely aligned with your technical team's goals and plans so that the development of your product proceeds smoothly.

The Benefits of Staff Augmentation

In recent years, businesses have become increasingly interested in staff augmentation services as a sub-model of outsourcing. This model has exceptional characteristics, including the following:

Adjust the strength or cost of your technical team temporarily

You may need to temporarily strengthen the human resources of your technical team for various reasons. As hiring is usually for a long period, it is not recommended in this situation. In such a situation, staff augmentation would be the most appropriate solution.

In cases of force majeure, this service comes in handy.

In the event of an impending product delivery deadline, hiring, assessing qualifications, and managing a new employee is not a wise decision. Use the Zaman Tech staff augmentation service easily and comfortably.

Eliminate risks and problems related to human resources

We are all aware of the problems associated with human resources and their hidden costs. Recruitment is also a time-consuming and risky process. It is impossible to guarantee that the recruited staff will meet your expectations even after a long time since recruitment. The staff augmentation service is perfect for growing your technical team without encountering these problems.

Reduce costs

The staff augmentation service reduces many of your non-visible and visible costs.

The staff are well aligned with your plans

Although the Zaman Tech team's technical experts are well trained, and their performance is measured and managed by the Zaman Tech team, they will work in harmony with your technical team and operate under the control of your chief technology officer (CTO).

The technical competencies of Zaman Tech's human resources are guaranteed

Our technical staff can handle any problem you may encounter, so don't worry about anything. Our team has gathered the most professional ones. You need to submit the work to get the desired results.

Here are 4 steps to organize our business projects.

We handle project requests agilely and emphasize a crucial process for accurate understanding and effective interaction. Clear customer needs prevent problems during project implementation. Four steps that initiate projects in the Zaman Tech:


Client's project description

Initially, we get your request description. A detailed and accurate request description will allow us to proceed more quickly and accurately.


The Zaman Tech and the client meeting

It may be necessary for our analysts and you to meet one or more times depending on the type and size of the project. These meetings aim to examine and analyze your needs to the greatest extent possible.


Presenting the proposal to the client

Based on the client's requirements, we will provide the project's time and cost proposal.


Presenting the proposal to the client

Based on the client's requirements, we will provide the project's time and cost proposal.

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