Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development

Due to the prevalence and development of smartphones over the past few years, smart applications have gained a unique place in people's lives. The ease of use and accessibility of mobile applications makes them well-suited to people's lifestyles and routines.

Additionally, the mobile application provides access to features unavailable on the website. Through application development, you can achieve features such as ease of use, notifications on the mobile device, access to a camera and microphone, and a gallery.

Also, statistics show mobile apps are getting more significant. For example, a comprehensive report from Digital 2021 shows that 5.22 billion unique mobile users exist worldwide (out of a total population of 7.83 billion!). Also, according to this report, 55.7% of all web traffic is attributed to mobile phones and only 41.4% to laptops and desktop computers. It is also interesting to note that 92.6% of Internet users access the Internet via mobile devices.

As a result, a mobile application plays a vital role in the success of a business. If your mobile application contains fundamental defects, you will waste your investment in infrastructure, marketing, and human resources.

Mobile App Development

Using the most advanced and high-quality methods and technologies in mobile application development, the Zaman Tech Development Team is at your service to design the most suitable mobile application version for you.

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Mobile App Development

Our Benefits

Comprehensive and in-depth analysis of customer needs and providing the best solution

Utilizing the latest technologies in mobile application development

A professional team with expertise in a variety of fields related to the development of mobile applications

Developing and coding mobile applications based on the latest global standards

Proven experience and ability in the development of mobile applications using cross-platform technologies

What Do We Do Exactly?

We provide everything you need to create a high-quality mobile application. We are experienced in all phases of the life cycle of mobile applications and accompany you from the initial step to the product's rollout.

Technical Consulting

There are a lot of technical intricacies involved in developing mobile apps. Various solutions and technologies can be considered depending on the objectives and characteristics of a business. Our specialized technical team will give you expert advice based on their knowledge of the market and the technologies of mobile applications.

UI And UX Design

Using a weak user interface or user experience alone can result in losing all efforts and investments. We will design an attractive appearance for your mobile application in line with your brand's visual identity and the latest methodologies and principles.

Back-End Development

A mobile application's flawless functionality and extensibility heavily depend on its back-end development. Our experts will produce your application to the highest level of quality by utilizing a fundamental and extensible architecture. In this field, it is important to consider extensibility, scalability, high flexibility, coding based on the latest standards, and performance perfection.


Security and impermeability are critical requirements for many applications. Our specialized security team can provide various security solutions for mobile applications. We can also implement advanced security levels for mobile applications upon request and in accordance with your needs.

Quality Assurance And Testing

Our specialized quality assurance team ensures the correct functioning of your application through comprehensive and detailed testing.

Support After Release

Following the release of your product, there is nothing to worry about. We are at your disposal to resolve any technical problems and concerns.

Continuous Development And Improvement

After the release of a mobile application, the development process does not end. You should constantly improve the mobile application based on market feedback and add features to get better results.

Technology Stack

Although Zaman Tech's application development team can develop mobile applications across a variety of technology stacks, we typically recommend businesses use cross-platform development like Flutter and React Native. The reason is that mobile applications can be developed for iOS and Android with a single development process which saving your time and money.

Here are 4 steps to organize our business projects.

We handle project requests agilely and emphasize a crucial process for accurate understanding and effective interaction. Clear customer needs prevent problems during project implementation. Four steps that initiate projects in the Zaman Tech:


Client's project description

Initially, we get your request description. A detailed and accurate request description will allow us to proceed more quickly and accurately.


The Zaman Tech and the client meeting

It may be necessary for our analysts and you to meet one or more times depending on the type and size of the project. These meetings aim to examine and analyze your needs to the greatest extent possible.


Presenting the proposal to the client

Based on the client's requirements, we will provide the project's time and cost proposal.


Presenting the proposal to the client

Based on the client's requirements, we will provide the project's time and cost proposal.

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